Decades-long scientific research


Our products arise from over 25 years of research by Scientists at the Universtity of Iceland. Through their work, they uncovered a way to isolate the proteolytic enzymes of the North Atlantic cod fish and prepare it for use in skin care products. 

The active ingredient of our product is known as "Penzyme", is a proprietary development. MAREN combines cosmetic competence with an innovative sales concept.
Because a professional, modern care must be functional too. Thanks to our high-quality standards and the proven effectiveness of our cosmeceuticals, we deliver truly extraordinary solutions for skin care and regeneration. Our products support and protect healthy, beautiful skin. They help, alleviate and relieve axisting skin problems.


Without steroides/cortisone and in most of the cases no need any antibiotic treatment anymore by using Maren Cosmetics products!


Enzymes stimulate bilogical reactions in living beings and thus accelerate their regeneration and "repair processes". In fact, the use of proteolytic enz<mes in medical applications has been known for decades.
Nowadays, many biocatalysts are successfully used as a support for healing processes.
With MAREN products, specially acting enzymes ("Penzyme") are bought into a moisturising formula, which achieves the highest efficiency after application to the skin. 


What does the MAREN Products make unique?

  • Our products are based on the action of natural trypsin enzymes, also called Penzyme®. These are obtained by a patented method from the pancreas of the North Atlantic cod.

  • When these enzymes come in contact with the body heat on the skin of humans, their effect increases explosively, because they develop a stronger potency with increasing temperature. Natural enzymes of this potency are very rare in the animal and plant world.

  • The key function of these organic trypsin enzymes (Penzyme®) for our products is to accelerate the skin's ability to regenerate and to support the healing process.

  • The Penzyme® now includes more than 30 years of research and development by scientists at the University of Iceland and more than 10 years of test sales to thousands of customers in Iceland and other countries.

  • All ingredients are from Iceland

  • Reports from the past years and months from many highly satisfied customers prove the unique and lasting effect. Skin regeneration processes are accelerated, the effects of the aging of the facial skin are counteracted, the collagen layer of the skin is built up, its cell renewal is supported and the formation of wrinkles is combatted.

  • Suitable for all skin types and all age groups and after shaving.

  • Effective against skin irritation and dryness.

  • The products are combinable.

  • The products have GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certification. They contain no additional preservatives, fats, oils, fragrances or other additives that could cause allergic reactions.

  • A widespread distribution of care and cosmetic products based on this raw material has not yet taken place.

We are your reliable Partner for Skin Problems!
Do you want to be a part of our MAREN WORLD, please free to contact us under  and be our Retailer.


MARBELL Skin Serum

your powerful ally in the fight against skin aging

  • Permanently reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Nourishes and cares for the skin

  • Acts against sun damage and fatigue of the skin

  • Rejuvenates and firms the skin structure

  • Skin whitening

  • The serum is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and frangrance-free

  • Ingredients: Glycerol, water, Penzyme®, alcohol (<1%), sodium hyaluronates, tromethamine.

MARCARBUN Clear Skin Extract

your powerful ally in the fight against acne & skin impurities

  • Clarifies and cleanses acne and skin impurities

  • Soothing, caring and balancing

  • Significant improvement of the skin texture

  • Even skin texture (pore minimiser), astringent

  • Skin whitening

  • The extract is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free

  • Ingredients: Glycerol, water, Penzyme®, PEG 400, alcohol (<1%), tromethamine,

  • calcium chlorides.

MARRICCO Repair Concentrate

your powerful ally for skin regeneration

  • Intensive care and regeneration of neurodermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, dry and flaky skin

  • Moisturising

  • Strengthens connective tissue and has a positive effect on skin irritations.

  • Refines scars

  • Skin whitening

  • The concentrate is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free

  • Ingredients: Glycerol, water, Penzyme®, PEG 400, alcohol (<1%), tromethamine

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